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Baartol Company, Inc. carries a full selection of flags and flagpoles. From stick flags to towering architectural quality flagpoles and everything in between we are your go to headquarters for all things flag related.

We work with governments, architects, building professionals, businesses and residential home owners to build lasting architectural quality flagpole installations that are safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. We also provide light fixtures for nighttime illumination now using LED technology to greatly reduce energy costs and increase service life over standard bulb type fixtures.

Baartol was founded in 1931 by Ernest Walker in Toledo Ohio. From the early years of flagpoles fabricated from diminishing sections of steel pipe to the advent of tapered steel poles in the 1930's to the development of tapered aluminum poles in the 1950's, Baartol has been at the forefront of flagpole development. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you to the best products for your intended usage.

Baartol was involved in the early work done on the ANSI/NAAMM guide specification for design of metal flagpoles (FP-1004-97) that set a national standard for the safe design of flagpoles. A knowledge of the loads that will be imposed on the flagpole due to geographic location, mounting, and location of mounting above grade is critical to proper design.

Put our Knowledge and Experience to work for you on your next flagpole project.

EXAMPLE INSTALLATION: Patriots Point 100' flagpole project by Baartol shown below. The carbon steel pole sits in a steel cylinder that extends 12' below ground. The cylinder sits in 26 cubic yards of concrete. The flag pole and foundation in total weigh approximately 55 tons. The flag is 30' x 50' and weighs approximately 50 pounds. The stars are 16" point to point.

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